Asian TV » Drama » Lavender 2

Lavender 2 (2002)

Other name: Fragrance of Flower , Hua Hsiang , Hua Xiang
Director: N/a
Genre: Romance, Drama
Country: Taiwanese
Runtime: 3 Episodes
Release year: 2002
Status: Completed

Yee Xun had passed away for 2 years and Leo is still unable to forget her. Leo was DJing for a radio station when he received a call from Simon who just got ditched by his girlfriend. Leo used his story with Yee Xun to help him get away the thought of committing suicide. His manager Peter sees that Leo being so despondent, act on his own, ordered a ticket for him to go holiday. But Leo was reluctant till he met a gipsy. She told him that he will meet his lover on the day of Chinese Valentine's at a strange eastern city. Leo half-believed went on the journey to seek his love. Unexpectedly, his luggage was snatched by a pickpocket and her partners. The lavender bottle that was left behind by Yee Xun was also stolen. Thus, Leo chased the girl all the way to find back his bottle. Surprising he found out that the girl had a special relationship with Yee Xun. Xiao Xiao is actually a good heartened girl. She told Leo that on the night of valentines day, on the cliff, he can meet his love one once again. Will Leo meet Yi Xun again? and what will happen between Leo and Xiao Xiao? 

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