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Love is True (2021)

Other name: Wo Shi Zhen De Ai Ni , Ngo Si Jan Di Ngoi Nei , ??????
Director: N/a
Genre: Romance, Drama
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 40 Episodes
Release year: 2021
Status: Ep 15 RAW

Xiao Yan, an independent woman who is most powerful in the workplace, is determined to enter the senior level of Thea Group and create a domestic original makeup brand. Because of Xiao Yan's outstanding performance, the company appointed her to be responsible for the better prospects for the maternal and child sector. This is a great challenge for Xiao Yan who advocates that true love is only oneself and insists on DINK. With the help of your girlfriend's full-time mother You Ya, Xiao Yan gradually understood the difficulty and hardships of maternal love, and her strong and independent values ??gradually changed You Ya's personality of being clingy. When Xiao Yan was fully preparing for the maternal and infant project, Chen Jiao Rui, also a competitor, had to quit because of pregnancy. When Chen Jiao Rui returned to the workplace after giving birth, she couldn't balance family and work and was anxious. It was Xiao Yan who helped Chen Jiao Rui regain her confidence and at the same time helped Chen Jiao Rui confirm that her love for her children is selfless and sincere. At the same time, Xiao Yan was also moved by the love of the two mothers. From a person who only loves herself, learns to love relatives and friends, respects mothers, and loves children, learns to "emphasize" and understand the meaning of "true love". In the end, three women with different positions, with their own love and perseverance, joined hands to start a business, support each other, explore together, and create an inspirational life. 

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