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Voice (JP) S02 (2021)

Other name: Updating
Director: Updating...
Country: Korean
Runtime: updating...
Release year: 2021
Status: Ep 2 RAW

Shogo Higuchi is a brilliant detective who is always on the go and has a knack for sensing things. Since his wife was murdered by a psychotic killer, he has been obsessed with revenge. Hikari Tachibana is the head of the Emergency Command Center and a voice profiler (voiceprint analyst) who hears even the faintest of sounds. Two people who lost a loved one and carry wounds that will never heal. As the never-ending crimes plague their city, they respond to the influx of 110 calls. Follow them as they solve crimes in this suspense-filled drama, relying on the "voice" that pleads to live as a guide.

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Voice (JP) S02 Episode 3
Voice (JP) S02 Episode 4
Voice (JP) S02 Episode 5

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